The Daily Mining Gazette, Friday, December 1, 1967


COPPER HARBOR- The University of Michigan scientists were in Keweenaw County between Monday and Thursday in search of information concerning weather. The trio that moved north from Ann Arbor with a single four wheel drive vehicle lodged at the Brockway Motel and renewed acquaintances with their long-time friend, Robert Richards.

In the party was the man who originally launched the rocket firing at the Point., Dr. Harold Allen. With him were two aides, Albert W. Stohrer and Timothy Sweeney.

After arriving late Monday the men set up equipment on the easterly edge of Keweenaw Point from which they easily could see Manitou Island. The land they used now belongs to the University of Michigan on the basis of Calumet Division, Calumet and Hecla Inc., donations for the project.

The firings, five in number, took place Wednesday and , according to reports, went along nicely. By Wednesday evening the assignment was concluded with the result that the trio moved on to Ann Arbor Thursday morning.

Assisting them with the work was Guy Snyder of the Calumet Air Base. Associated with the projects since their inception, he has proved of considerable aid.

In the past it was necessary for the party to use snowmobiles but this time such vehicles were unnecessary. The Ann Arbor truck easily accomplished the work right to the Point.

Missing this year were Mike Brian and Leonard Williams. These two men journeyed north to Keweenaw on all prior occasions the rocket firing took place.

Now back in Ann Arbor the unit will analyze the results of the work and make ready a report just as soon as possible.

The men did indicate there will be future work in the Point vicinity but did not reveal when it would take place

Although the current project took place last week in November this is not the latest period in the year when such work was undertaken by Dr. Allen and party. Not long back they were in the Keweenaw County as late as December 2.

Upon departing from Houghton Thursday noon, Dr. Allen stressed that he would make a report of his activities as soon as possible to the Gazette.


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